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Why us?

R&D - aka:  Ricky & Dinah Mayes

Co-owners of the business.

R&D Lawncare began in 1979 maintaining lawns and doing some landscaping.   Shortly after, we began installing RainBird sprinkler systems and building custom wood fences. 

You will find our sign on any fence we build.  When we give you a bid on any fence or sprinkler system, we will also give you a reference sheet so you can go by and look at any fence we have built, or ask a customer about their sprinkler system.

When you hire R&D Fencing & Sprinkler Systems, you will get Ricky Mayes building your fence or installing your sprinkler system.  It will not be a crew he sends out to do the work. He is "hands-on" on every job he contracts.   When he starts a job, he is on that job until he finishes.​

We warranty the workmanship of our fences and sprinklers for one year after installation.   We stand behind our work, and take pride in the job we do. 

We are known for our quick installations, and professional work which make us stand above the competition.