*Steel posts or 4x4 treated wood posts

*Cedar or treated 2x4 runners

*Concrete curb, or not. (Curb is only aesthetic, to make weed-eating easier, look nice, keep pets from digging out, etc. It does not hold up the posts when posts are set correctly.)

*1x4 Cedar top cap (for aesthetics, also)

*Walk thru and double wide gates, Cantiliver gates (on Comm chain link)

*Shadow box, ship-lap, spaced pickets, or other individual preferences.

Residential & Commercial Systems

Lawn irrigations systems are custom designed and laid out for your yard or business so that we get 100% water coverage.  We use commercial RainBird sprinkler heads, electric valves and control panels.   

We do connect systems to water well systems, but we insist that an auto flush sand filter is installed on the well to prevent stopped up valves.  It is advised that systems within the city limits be installed to a separate water meter, which will save the consumer on sewage rates attached to their main water meter, but not to an additional sprinkler meter.  

R&D's professional installation insures you will have a trouble free system for years to come. However, should your system ever need servicing, we always take care of our customers.

  Every fence or sprinkler system is custom designed for each individual job. We do not give prices by the foot, or have a standard price for the size of a yard. We will give you a custom bid just for you.  This personalized attention is what makes R&D Fencing & Sprinkler Systems stand above the competition.


Some Fence Options:

Call R&D Fencing & Sprinkler Systems


for a FREE estimate

on a fence or sprinkler system.


with 3% additional processing fee

*Cedar pickets

*Treated pickets

*R-Panel Metal (many colors to choose from!)

*Commercial Chain Link security fencing

*Ornamental Iron (multiple styles)

*Priefert Rail Fence

*Pool Surrounds (multiple styles)