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7' tall R-panel fence with concrete footing at 27th & Bois D'Arc.  The backside faces 27th, at the customer's request. 

R-Panel Metal w/top cop, steel pipe posts w/top caps, 2x4 treated triple runners and concrete footing.

This R-Panel on Forest Hills surrounds a pool,  provides complete privacy - and looks great too!

Inside R-Panel Metal fence - double-wide triple-hinged gate.

Cocoa Brown with Tan Trim in Velma, OK

R-Panel metal fence showing how it is trimmed out.  This fence also has a concrete footing.

Do you desire COMPLETE privacy?

Then an R-Panel Metal fence is the perfect choice!

R&D Fencing constructs these fences using steel posts, and treated 2x4 runners, just as we do our wood fences.

There are many choices of colors and top caps we can show you when you consider an R-Panel fence.

(There is a color chart at the bottom of this page.) 

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7' tall R-panel fence with concrete footing. Can be seen at 27th & Bois D'Arc.  Provides a lot of privacy from the busy street it backs up to.

Current fence colors that are available shown below. You choose one for your fence panels, and another for your top and corner trim.

Cocoa Brown with Tan Trim in Velma, OK

Inside construction of an R-Panel metal fence is just like a wood fence - treated 2x4 triple runners and steel pipe posts with top caps.

White M-Metal fence on steel runners installed on Glendon in Marlow

Gray and white R-Panel metal fence on Jenifer Court


with 3.5% additional processing fee

White M-Metal fence on steel runners installed on Glendon in Marlow

For our Customer's convenience we will provide FREE a 10'x10'x6' tall dog cage for your pets during construction if requested.

Crimson Red panels, white trim

Empire School Baseball Field

R-Panel Metal fence in tan and cocoa brown top cap, with a double-wide gate.

R-panel metal fence with top cap, steel posts, and treated 2x4 triple runners.  This customer chose not to have a concrete footing.

This customer chose blue R-Panel and white top cap to match the trim of their house. It also features a walk-thru and a double-wide gate, and concrete footing.

Inside view of metal fence in Velma, OK

Koko Brown panels, Saddle tan trim with concrete footing

on Oak Main in Comanche

A walk-thru gate on an R-Panel fence.